Thursday, May 27, 2010

Total sales: $1,066.27

eBay has come through with the goods! I can honestly not believe it! My bestie was right about my sitting on a goldmine! Who would have thought! This pretty much gets me my plane ticket for EU! Sweet deal!  (!!! six exclamation marks aren't even enough!) lol

P.S. And it aint' even over yet! Another 20 or so items to go! Wowza.

Just updating this post.. here's what I sent off today. It is little to say that people were looking at me strangely in the post office....


  1. OH WOW! what are you selling. I might take a peak! xx

  2. Oh Ms S... I've sold most of the things that were worth looking at! haha But if you still want to have a look.. my eBay seller id is dragz87.




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