Thursday, May 27, 2010

Total sales: $1,066.27

eBay has come through with the goods! I can honestly not believe it! My bestie was right about my sitting on a goldmine! Who would have thought! This pretty much gets me my plane ticket for EU! Sweet deal!  (!!! six exclamation marks aren't even enough!) lol

P.S. And it aint' even over yet! Another 20 or so items to go! Wowza.

Just updating this post.. here's what I sent off today. It is little to say that people were looking at me strangely in the post office....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good habits are also hard to break...

Motivation is not scarce but time always seems to be? No, I have decided (long ago now) not to let that apply to me. I simply make time - the way I see it is that we never "don't" have time to eat... we just do it. I am yet to hear of somebody who has starved themselves to death due to not having enough time to eat. Let me know if you hear of such a case. 

I want to feel good about my body all the time. They say habits are hard to break and rather than taking that notion to apply to only those negative habits, they also apply to positive ones. It has been almost a year now since I simply trained my mind to think like this. This is the one key trick to having a body you are happy with all the time - train your mind!! 

I have since managed to keep my body weight five kilos below what I usually weigh without exercise. I feel as though my body is more toned and has shape. My butt grew. Thank you lunges! I don't believe in stick thin, I want definition. Must keep on keeping on!

And now to training the mind to create the habit of saying NO to chocolate. This is proving a little more difficult!

Anyway, Jen is inspiring. You can tell she has worked for her body! She is real and unbelievably defined and fabulous!

Now how to get cellulite free butt and thighs?? Hmm.... 

Amazing. That is all.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'd like a piece of Lima

Adriana Lima poses with husband Marko Jaric for the June Spanish Vogue :: Amazing!

Friday, May 21, 2010


It may have taken me an entire day and I may have sacrificed it for my study time , but I have finally done it! Listed just about everything I intended to list on eBay. Finally! May the sale begin!

Expect to find brands like: Kookai, Bettina Liano, Christopher Chronis, Zara, Cue, Guess, Sass&Bide, Review, Nookie, Asos etc.


And in case the above link does not work, just search my seller name 'dragz87'.

I am now one step closer to summer in July thanks to eBay! :)

P.S. I already have one bid on a Review skirt, ...alrighttt!!! :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Each of us has some fashion accessory we obsess over - whether it be cocktail rings, big cuffs, necklaces... but I just love earrings! Particularly BIG statement ones.

These are Sally Koeswanto Ear-ornaments, and aren't they just special!? I wish I knew where to get my hands on a pair! I may have to employ the use of google right about now!

These are some of my babies...

Swarovski crystal earrings - definitely my favs!

Tilkah black satin hoop drops - bought these 4 years ago. It was love at first sight!

Now you know how I love peacock prints - these are so summery, I just can't wait to wear them some more! Purchased from

I must admit I'm a bit bling obsessed! The relationship I have with sparkly things is similar to the one insects have with light. I just can't help myself!  ...These are Swarovski crystal earrings from BodyArt.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pretty Things

Elizabeth Cole Jewelry .... I was *this* close to purchasing those deep blue mohawk earrings ... but being the good no-shopping dieter that I am ... I didn't. So thought I'd share some pretty things here instead. ... P.S. It was all reduced.... heavily ... :(

Curse You ASOS Clearance!

I broke my fast. I know, I know!.. I shouldn't have. But! And isn't there always a 'but'? ... Well, has a clearance on!! So.. the way I see it is, I really got myself some bargains - and these are things that I've been meaning to get for ages now, everything has just been so expensive! And with winter here, I'm freezing my butt off at uni ... so I really do need these things!

Getting back to basics with a splash of colour! So here are the things I purchased:

1.Pretty Polly Absolute Legs Sexy Sheer and Opaque Tights, £2.5
2. ASOS ARIZONA Suede Leather Studded Lace-Up Ankle Boots, £20
3. ASOS 80 Denier Opaque Black Tights, £2
4. ASOS Sweetheart Neck Jersey Dress, £14
5. ASOS Long Funnel Neck Wool Jacket – Purple, £28
6. ASOS Basic Scoop Neck Lightweight Vest in the style of Kate Moss, x2  £6
7. ASOS Basic V-Neck Top in the style of Victoria Beckham, x2 £12
8. ASOS REVIVE Embellished Star Jumper Dress, £14

In total 10 items, plus 10.5 pound postage = £127 or about $215 AUD = Happy Customer! :)

I am particularly excited about those suede leather ankle boots!! They're so cute and perfect for winter.. & also the wool jacket! Oh how I look forward to being warm! Where else can you buy leather shoes and wool coats for such a low low price?? Got to love asos! And here's hoping the other items fit me well! Will keep you posted!

P.S. I'm yet to post all my unwanted items on eBay! eek! In fact I'll go do that now!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sparkling Feet

It's been just over 24 hours since I started my no-shopping fast. This is real tough! Nor does it help that I seem to be spending more and more time browsing through online stores. Why?? I think I'm just obsessed with looking at pretty things!

My gf and I culled half of my wardrobe tonight. Unbelievable! My soul feels lighter! She reckons I'm 'standing on a goldmine' and that I will get over a grand in sales on eBay! Let's hope she's right!!

In the meantime, these are on my wishlist *sigh*...

VIONNET - 557 pounds & GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI  - 365 

And so I dream on...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm a big fan of Peacock prints, the colours green and blue! I just love this.

Mylie Cyrus in Blondes corset. It will set you back a mere 25k. 

Summer in July

As a student, I tend to live from pay to pay and usually with a bit of a credit card debt. Today, I am debt free... and it hasn't been like this for a while! I feel very liberated indeed!

So my dreaming about EU in July suddenly seems much more feasible! ... So my aim is not to spend a cent outside of what I absolutely have to from now until the time I plan to jet off!! I'm thinking June 20.

This is going to be so damn difficult as I am an impulse spender - and my recent online shopping addiction probably won't help this cause! But one may only try, right!? I've got nothing to lose anyhow, but only to gain!

Tomorrow night, my best friend is coming over and we are going through my entire wardrobe and listing everything I don't want on eBay. Not only will my clothes finally be able to breathe and perhaps even gently swing on their hangers from time to time, but all the money I do get from it will go toward my holiday!

Wish me luck!


P.S. This is what springs to mind holiday-wise, on an hourly basis I'd say...

There are some of my snaps from the Montenegrin coast when I went in 08' ...Good times :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fierce Pretty

I'm new at this. And, I'll stop being captain obvious right about now!

Writing has always been very fulfilling for me, however due to its revealing nature, and mine, which is enclosed - it has always been a challenge to reconcile the two. In addition to that, my pedantic and perfectionist tendencies have more often than not seen me frustrated with what I've written, and the way I've written it or expressed myself, which then resulted in, well, nothing much but a lot of unfinished train of thoughts.

So here, today, I wish to embark upon a journey.. one which shall hopefully see my train of thoughts, back on track.

"Fierce Pretty" I derived from a magazine article by Mimi Spencer (Harper's Bazaar, Mar 2010). Two words have never inspired me so much. I could relate them to almost every aspect of my life, or rather, the approach I wanted to take in dealing with life. Career, Love, Socialising... Fashion, it seems to be a good approach to take from any angle. It's almost an oxymoron, for how could 'pretty' be 'fierce'? Or 'fierce' be 'pretty'? Oh but it can! It takes the best of both worlds and moulds into one, 'fierce pretty'.

I suppose, to clarify further, 'fierce pretty' works as an analogy for me. Career-wise, it is vital to be fierce and confident in ones approach, to strive and ask for more but only in the most gracious of ways. To be brave, but not overbearing. Love, much the same. Striking a balance between giving and taking, chasing and being chased - maintaining dignity while not delving into the realms of egocentricity. And Fashion, my favourite... to quote Mimi Spencer, "...a clash of styles, the rock chick and the rosebud... giving safe old pretty something new to say. ...The very last thing you want to be is a wallflower or a shrinking violet. Fierce Pretty would eat you for breakfast."

So my dangerous darlings, expect nothing but anything and everything from the many realms of life, from this blog. I look forward to the thought sharing which is to come!




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