Thursday, November 25, 2010

I know how to pick em'

So, the latest piece on TheOutNet is this JOSEPH Sailor sequined sweater, original price £526.09! Now you can grab it at 65% off, for £184.13.

OR Just go to (like I did before I even knew it was based on a designer piece - see my post 'Sequins are all the rage') and get an identical looking one for only $150 AUD, as they have 25% off until the end of this week - that's half the reduced price on TheOutNet!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sequins are all the rage!

I love sparkly things, so when I stumbled upon this awesome mirrored knit on, I was ecstatic! Had to have it, I needed it. How many times have you heard/said that before? Go on, tell me.. so I know I'm not alone - there are many clothes obsessed freaks out there like me, surely?

Its RRP is $199 AUD, Got it for $149 as witchery has 20% off everything! And they have extended this offer for another week, so whatchuu waitin' for? Get on it.

The knit made its debut on Saturday night. First time I painted the town red since my exams. I finally felt like a real human being! You know, not existing merely online.. somewhat like an 'avatar'. It was nice! 

So I matched the knit with a navy blue Kookai high waisted skirt. I love these skirts, I want one in every colour! They are so comfortable and too easy to dress up or down - perfect for summer and summer trips! So far I have a blood orange in it and the navy - thinking of getting a grey one too.. hmmm...

FP xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On my radar!

Now you may remember me blogging about and lusting over these Vionneti sandals which were 557 pounds on net-a-porter. WELL. I've discovered a very similar pair by Windsor Smith here in Aus.. and they're prettyy awesome and much more affordable!

Sandals by Windsor Smith, RRP $120, below:
Hmm... to buy or not to buy.. that is the question!?

Monday, November 15, 2010

It was meant to be!

Do you ever get the feeling that you and a pair of shoes are just meant to be? This extends to you and a certain dress, you and a top, blazer.. so on and so forth! It happens to me from time to time. As much as I tried to not purchase these wedge shoes - they followed me around (excuse the pun!). No, really! I saw them for the first time while out shopping with my brother - I was helping him decide on a couple of new shirts and shoes and had no intention of spending any money myself, and I did as I had intended. Then, the next time I saw the wedges, I couldn't help but to try them on - they really hit the shoe spot for me! They were the perfect summery tan colour and sky-high, just the way I like my wedges! But the price-tag was not as perfect, AUD$179. I mean, they weren't too expensive, but I just didn't want to spend the money then. So I didn't. A week later I tried them on again, as you do.. but didn't purchase yet again. I ended up thinking about them after that, from time to time... so during my exam study procrastination period I googled to see if the store had an online shop - it said 'Online store coming soon'. And there they were, at over 50% off for $80! A rush of excitement came over me - as it does! Eighty dollars! I needed to have these, they wanted to be mine - it was clear! So for the next week I waited to see if this online store would finally open, but it didn't! Then I noticed on twitter that the store had 50% off everything for 3 days.. I noticed on the 3rd day at 11pm - I was just a bit shattered at this point. They kept teasing me! But all was not lost, as I walked into the store today, of course not expecting to find my babies, there they stood.. still on sale... but would they have my size!? "Last size 8!" said the sales-assistant! It was meant to be, see!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life's Luxuries

I attended the Harper's BAZAAR & Belvedere "Life's Luxuries - a night with Sibella Court" event at Comme in Melbourne, thanks to my friend SheWoreItWell whom scored two invites - woot!

It was a night filled with yummy canapes & LOTS of belvedere vodka cocktails .. and boy were they strong! Not that I'm complaining!

Everyone who attended (and there were around fifty attendees or so), received a gift bag valued over $400rrp. Gift bag included the following:
  • Special advance copy of BAZAAR December issue
  • BAZAAR Notebook
  • Morroccanoil 100ml Hair oil
  • M.A.C 30ml Serum
  • La Prairie gift pack
  • Cire Trudon candle
  • Full size Belvedere Vodka Bottle
  • 50ml Marc Jacobs Bang Fragrance
The goodies are amazing! I have to say that the Cire Trudon candle has given my room the most pleasant aroma - and I haven't even lit it yet! The new Marc Jacobs fragrance is soo intriguing! It is unisex and has an amazing femme fatale vibe about it - I guess I can definitely see how it can be worn by both sexes. I really like it! Also, the Morrocanoil smells divineee!! It leaves hair amazingly silky and shiny without that weigh down and oiliness. Lastly, I'm expecting the La Prairie cream to give me miracle skin, considering it is priced at over $1500 !! I know! I'll get back to you if I do wake up one day soon with modelesque skin. Oh and the vodka, of course.. I'm saving it for a special occasion.. I think I had enough cocktails to last me a while anyway, see below!

Also, Sibella Court (for those who don't know), is a very highly esteemed interior designer. She is also a judge on the ch9 TV Show HomeMADE and Interiors Editor for Grazia magazine.

Below are some iPhone snaps for your viewing!

SheWoreItWell and I thoroughly enjoying our cocktails! mmMm!

Fabulous canape.

Sibella's display.

We had a bit of a cocktail collection!

The contents of the giftbag.

Thanks again for taking me, SheWoreItWell! x

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sweet Blog Alert!

Hey guys! I just thought I'd bring to your attention a nice fashion blog I follow. It's your one stop shop for fashion/shopping/news & trends. The Blogger, Cara gray is London based and uses a variety of blogging methods, including video. She also separates her fashion news into Fashion, Accessories, Style, Beauty & Travel - very handy!

"Born in Australia, I moved to North London at the end of 2009 with my English husband, James. I have long watched and respected British and European style – the minimal chic effortlessness, simplicity and elegance."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Kate Moss for TopShop piece!

Just bagged a piece from the latest slash very last collection by Kate Moss for TopShop.

Oh I so shouldn't be blogging away right now as I have an exam tomorrow and still an entire case to read and notes to print and read over. Woe is me! .. wish me luck, eh?!

So, a cream 100% silk boyfriend blazer; "Ultimate Silk Blazer", (the only good thing in the entire collection I think!). I've been trying to hunt one down for a while - saw one on asos but by the time I remembered to buy it, it had sold out! Joy. It probably would have cost me a lot less too!

Anyway... this wasn't too expensive 125GBP, which is doable - equals to about $220AUD with shipping costs.

Just in time for summer!! Woot!

P.S. This "Iconic Poppy Dress' ... I have an almost identical one which I purchased from Bardot here in Aus, back in 08'. Don't know if such a thing as plagiarism exists among designers (I assume it does), but.. honestly.. if anything is plagiarism in that sense, then this has to be it!

This is me wearing the dress by Bardot below:

What do you guys think?

Anyhow, head over to if you're interested to see the entire collection.



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