Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sequins are all the rage!

I love sparkly things, so when I stumbled upon this awesome mirrored knit on, I was ecstatic! Had to have it, I needed it. How many times have you heard/said that before? Go on, tell me.. so I know I'm not alone - there are many clothes obsessed freaks out there like me, surely?

Its RRP is $199 AUD, Got it for $149 as witchery has 20% off everything! And they have extended this offer for another week, so whatchuu waitin' for? Get on it.

The knit made its debut on Saturday night. First time I painted the town red since my exams. I finally felt like a real human being! You know, not existing merely online.. somewhat like an 'avatar'. It was nice! 

So I matched the knit with a navy blue Kookai high waisted skirt. I love these skirts, I want one in every colour! They are so comfortable and too easy to dress up or down - perfect for summer and summer trips! So far I have a blood orange in it and the navy - thinking of getting a grey one too.. hmmm...

FP xx


  1. Loving this sequin jacket.. The tailoring is amazing.. I would never say that was from Wichery

  2. Hi, pretty!
    you look amazing with this brilliant shirt.
    cute outfit! :)

  3. Lee.. tell me about it! It turns out, as per my next post.. that it is identical to a designer brand, Joseph.. & twice as much! x

    Thank you Cafe Boucle! xx

  4. I love this outfit. I recently bought a gold pull over from Country Road and want some more stand out pieces now.



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