Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Painting the town RED

For me, the past weekend mostly revolved around friends, food and boogie nights! Holidays are really wonderful I must say. Even though I am working 10-12 hour days on weekdays, I know that come the weekend, I can devote more time to myself. I have more time to scrub up a little better, NOT go to the gym (..usually! Although if I end up having a creamy gnocchi dish at 3am on a Saturday night, post-painting it red, as was the case this time (it seemed like a good idea at the time, ok?), the guilt will not quit tormenting me all of Sunday until I drag myself for a good cardio session). Crap, (bracket) over-kill? Woops.

Anyway! I caught up with a friend for some dessert goodness and a good old chat at passionflower on Bourke St in Melbourne - check it out, it's pretty up there with Max Brenner I reckon. Also check out the photo below of the chocolate strawberry crepes I had! Yum. Speaking of which, I decided today that I am quitting sugar. Don't laugh! This is for real! My friend M/SheWoreItWell has awakened a realisation within me - sugar is a drug! It is more addictive than cocaine. True story. It's bad for you for so so many reasons - read her blog-post on the issue to find out more. Who knows, you may also be inspired like I was. See how we go, eh? Sugar-holics-are-us anyone?

My outfit during the day. Salsa Push-UP Jeans, Country Road Silk Blazer, Witchery Top & Bag, Michael Kors pearl face watch & Tiffany's silver bangle, Chanel Particuliere polish on toes.

I love Salsa Jeans SO much! <3

My new MAC 'Deepest Wish' lipstick. My mum reckons it's so pretty and feminine, and there I was thinking it had a bit of the femme-fatale edge.. hmm. I generally can't wear very dark lip colours as my lips are small & dark colours make them appear even smaller - but not this one, to my surprise!

I am quitting sugar. ok.

My outfit by night. Kate Moss for TopShop White Silk Blazer, Gripp Corset & random skirt, Chanel Riva Polish on hands.

This weekend coming up I am heading to Sydney for a concert & general fun times and more catch-ups with inter-state friends. Can't wait! And, of course, will let you'all know how it pans out! Till then, hope your week is fabulous & weekend even more so! Happy December everybody!

2010, you have one month to prove yourself!

FP xx


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