Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gearing up for SUmmeR in July!

Introducing the latest piece I have added to my collection. An absolute, complete and utter bargain might I add!! 

I have an eye for bargains btw! I always tend to find something awesome for a ridiculous price! haha

Tigerlily Nights dress, RRP $249 ... purchased off eBay, Brand new with tags, $50 delivered!! And I received it today & I'm in love... I just can't wait to couple it with a tan.. soon veryy sooon! :))

I'm on to a good thing!

I get the feeling that asos.com has discovered that I am going to Montenegro this month, and knowing what an easily persuaded purchaser I am.. they have incorporated it into their sales strategy! It has to be it! haha...  So this is very cool, even asos agrees I'm on to a good thing! I just can't wait to escape this winter! 

I have done 2/2 exams thus far. Tomorrow is 3rd, Friday is 4th and then I am a free bird until semester two! Ohhhhhh thee joy!

On Saturday morning I have finally booked myself in to Endota Spa for a 3 hour treatment!! How I can't wait. I got this as a generous gift from my caring and thoughtful friends. I've had a few rough patches since the end of last year, and am thoroughly in need of a break. Thank you kind friends!

This is what I'm in for!!

Layabout Endota 
Bliss out with a sole-soothing billabong footbath. Then float into an organic half hour facial. Skin-refining. Vitamin-rich and fragranced to fit your skin’s needs. A full body scrub is followed by a warming, skin smoothing clay wrap. Finally, layabout and melt into the one hour massage of your mildest dreams.  


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mighty Aphrodite

Photographer Simon Emmet captures our home girl Kylie at her finest! 
I just love this girl, maybe it's her sweet humble nature, or just the fact that she is Aussie... either way she is truly wonderful!

My bestie's boyfriend reckons I remind him of Kylie (looks wise) ha ha. Hell if I look this good at her age I'll be one happy lady!

Also, I love her new track 'All the lovers'... it's true Kylie style! Very catchy. Check out the music video for it too, it's certainly something.. despite it reminding of a 'mammoth orgy' as one of my girlfriends described it! haha

Lastly, the reason for my being a little slack with my blog lately is due to exam torture. It is end of semester and I feel/look like complete crap. Who ever invented exams seriously! I feel sorry for anybody having to read my handwriting too.. those poor examiners.

On a lighter and brighter note, remember my first post (Summer in July) .. and then my subsequent, related post (ebay[athon]) ... well! It has all paidddd off!! I am officially booked to go overseas and soak up the European sun and adriatic waters on June 28th! So long winter (at least for 6 weeks)! And hellooooo tan! :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

JUST Sold the last one!

I just wanted to say how much I love this dress... and how shattered I am that there are none in stock on net-a-porter ... *sad face*

Just Cavalli


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