Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm on to a good thing!

I get the feeling that asos.com has discovered that I am going to Montenegro this month, and knowing what an easily persuaded purchaser I am.. they have incorporated it into their sales strategy! It has to be it! haha...  So this is very cool, even asos agrees I'm on to a good thing! I just can't wait to escape this winter! 

I have done 2/2 exams thus far. Tomorrow is 3rd, Friday is 4th and then I am a free bird until semester two! Ohhhhhh thee joy!

On Saturday morning I have finally booked myself in to Endota Spa for a 3 hour treatment!! How I can't wait. I got this as a generous gift from my caring and thoughtful friends. I've had a few rough patches since the end of last year, and am thoroughly in need of a break. Thank you kind friends!

This is what I'm in for!!

Layabout Endota 
Bliss out with a sole-soothing billabong footbath. Then float into an organic half hour facial. Skin-refining. Vitamin-rich and fragranced to fit your skin’s needs. A full body scrub is followed by a warming, skin smoothing clay wrap. Finally, layabout and melt into the one hour massage of your mildest dreams.  



  1. hel-loooo! can i just say how envious i am that you are visiting montenegro this month?? i hope you find that cavalli dress below on your trip! yikes - what a beauty!!

  2. Andd a hello to you too!! :))

    haha I still can't believe I'm going actually! I'm so very excited too!

    Oh yes that cavalli dress is stunning! I wanted to get it for my cousin's wedding (which is overseas), but they sold out! Net-a-porter tell me they will be getting more stock in! *fingers crossed*

    P.S. Really like your blog, it's little to say that you are inspiring! :))



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