Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mighty Aphrodite

Photographer Simon Emmet captures our home girl Kylie at her finest! 
I just love this girl, maybe it's her sweet humble nature, or just the fact that she is Aussie... either way she is truly wonderful!

My bestie's boyfriend reckons I remind him of Kylie (looks wise) ha ha. Hell if I look this good at her age I'll be one happy lady!

Also, I love her new track 'All the lovers'... it's true Kylie style! Very catchy. Check out the music video for it too, it's certainly something.. despite it reminding of a 'mammoth orgy' as one of my girlfriends described it! haha

Lastly, the reason for my being a little slack with my blog lately is due to exam torture. It is end of semester and I feel/look like complete crap. Who ever invented exams seriously! I feel sorry for anybody having to read my handwriting too.. those poor examiners.

On a lighter and brighter note, remember my first post (Summer in July) .. and then my subsequent, related post (ebay[athon]) ... well! It has all paidddd off!! I am officially booked to go overseas and soak up the European sun and adriatic waters on June 28th! So long winter (at least for 6 weeks)! And hellooooo tan! :)


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