Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Airport Chic

Less than two months till I jet off to Europe. People, two months?! As well as having wayyy too much to do before I go, I'm starting to wonder about all the little bits and pieces that one wonders about when planning a holiday. 

Today it's, 'what the hell do I wear on the plane'? ... It's especially tough when you go from winter to summer - want to combine comfort with style - oh and, did I mention I'm on a budget? Ugh. ... Ahh but here's some inspiration! Terry Richardson for MANGO - Spring 2011... 

I own a white blazer... hmm there's an idea! Now just to get a nice pair of (comfy) red or electric blue pants?

Loving this yellow blazer!

This screams comfort!!

Have you guys got any ideas? Hit me up! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Leopard belts & Camel coats

The hype over neutral colours this season has me very, very excited! I am a huge lover of tan/beige/camel/coffee colours ... as well as whites and blacks .. In fact, lately, my wardrobe mainly consists of garments in these neutrals. That's not to say I don't like splashes of colour, because I do, very much indeed! 

On the weekend I met up with my fellow blogger friend SheWoreItWell for brunch, and I met her new lil (absolutely gorgeous and serious attention grabbing) puppy, Monty. This lil fella is the cutest lil fluff-ball I've ever seen! If anything will change my single status, it has to be someone like Monty, because there was not one person who walked by that didn't stop to say 'hello' to Monty! Cute lil bugger! I'm getting myself 'a Monty', no joke. I'll post pictures in another post to follow, but for now I just wanted to show you my outfit...

Asos leopard print belt.

ForeverNew camel crepe wool coat.

Witchery bag. YSL lipstick & Lee jeggings.

Taaa daaa... ! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alterations . . .

Maxi dresses aren't usually my 'thaaang'.. but this 100 per cent silk, Honey&Beau dress was irresistible! In fact, I think we were meant to be as when I first tried it on in store, back in September last year... I didn't buy it, I thought , where would I wear it? Then a month ago, I saw it on sale (down to $90 from $249), tried it on again and I suddenly had the perfect occasion for it! My cousin's wedding in Europe this year! It's so summery, it's perfect! BUT, and there's always a but isn't there ... I thought I might alter it a little bit. 

From this... 

To this...?

I thought to add a side-split to it, it gives it a bit of an edge? What do you guys think? I have a handy lady who can do absolutely anything to clothing, so I've no doubt she'd be able to achieve something wonderful as such! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White's the new black? No?

Below are snaps from the latest swimwear collection by Lisa Maree - an Australian designer. 

Now, my reason for bringing these photos up - aside from the fact that I am 2.5 months away from summer, is to get your opinion - question is, to tan or not to tan? 

It seems a tan just lifts one's spirits and we all feel more attractive with a tan? Now I've tried to push a pale's the new tan thing, but all that came of it were a bunch of 'why are you looking so sickly?' type questions. In other words, #fail. 

I am very afraid of artificial light, so I stray right away from that.. but I do slap on the ol' fake-tan from time to time, even though I despise doing it! Argh ... what are we going to do, people? 

Well, I'll be re-stocking my sun-tan in July, but somehow I feel like we need a long-term solution here, don't you?! 

The below photos do not help the pale cause, I know! On the other hand, people of Asia (where whitening creams are all the rage) would probably feel like puking at their sight. Hmmm ... certainly does make me think - why is the grass always greener on the other side for us, humans? Colourblindness? Hear, hear!

I do love the crochet swimwear here. So chocolaty! 

Wonderful brights!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Floral print shoes

I impulse-bought a pair of floral-print platform shoes from a small shop on Sydney's Oxford St last December. Now, I'm a block-colours and neutrals type of girl, so this was very much indeed an impulse buy. I loved how alternative they looked on my foot in the store (see last picture below), but ever since, for the life of me I have not been able to figure out a way to wear them -insert sad face-. 

I know that winter is upon us here in Melbourne-Aus, but for me it is very much spring as I intend on jetting off into the European summer come June! Yay! So, the fact that these shoes are rather spring-y, doesn't at all bother me!

I will be posting quite a few items on eBay soon, and these shoes may very well be 'given the boot', but if you guys can give me some suggestions as to how to wear them, I may give them a go before I sell them off! 
Shoes alike.
I particularly like the ones above, and hey there's an idea! Cigarette pants? hmm...

This is my pair above in the white floral.
Whattayaz think? :)

Style advisors at your beck n' call...

The other day, I found myself playing relay with my bathroom mirror and bedroom mirror in a frantic attempt to get ready, on time! The outfit issue for the night was choosing which belt to wear, we've all had these at some point, or a lot of points, no? 

Being home alone did not help my cause either - as I didn't have brother's trusty opinion to go by (...would have been something along the lines of, 'Show me the first one. Now show me the second one. First one again. Hmm. I'm not sure, I like both,' see, here's a man well trained in answering women's outfit cries! Haa!) My mum, the most critical style-advisor I know, was also absent! Now, this is where I just thought, 'Oh-em-Gee! Twitter!'. Clearly, the many bloggers I follow on twitter could help a sister out!?' And true it turned out! 

I posted two photos and was advised accordingly (I'll take this opportunity to say thank you to those ladies!)... the option I went with was picture 3.

Wittner faux-fur vest 
Paradise(I think?) camel, embelished sleeve mini-dress
Gold belt(MissShop I think)
Green thick belt is from a Maticevski dress
PeepToe mushroom MissEifelTower

(Excuse the poor quality snaps. I do intend on trying to use my digicam more.)

I thought this was a lil too Euro(trash?) ? Hmm... 

This was nicer, edgier?

Finished product!


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