Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White's the new black? No?

Below are snaps from the latest swimwear collection by Lisa Maree - an Australian designer. 

Now, my reason for bringing these photos up - aside from the fact that I am 2.5 months away from summer, is to get your opinion - question is, to tan or not to tan? 

It seems a tan just lifts one's spirits and we all feel more attractive with a tan? Now I've tried to push a pale's the new tan thing, but all that came of it were a bunch of 'why are you looking so sickly?' type questions. In other words, #fail. 

I am very afraid of artificial light, so I stray right away from that.. but I do slap on the ol' fake-tan from time to time, even though I despise doing it! Argh ... what are we going to do, people? 

Well, I'll be re-stocking my sun-tan in July, but somehow I feel like we need a long-term solution here, don't you?! 

The below photos do not help the pale cause, I know! On the other hand, people of Asia (where whitening creams are all the rage) would probably feel like puking at their sight. Hmmm ... certainly does make me think - why is the grass always greener on the other side for us, humans? Colourblindness? Hear, hear!

I do love the crochet swimwear here. So chocolaty! 

Wonderful brights!


  1. Love all the photographs...but as a fellow pale person I will stand with you on the "white is the new tan"!




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