Monday, April 18, 2011

Leopard belts & Camel coats

The hype over neutral colours this season has me very, very excited! I am a huge lover of tan/beige/camel/coffee colours ... as well as whites and blacks .. In fact, lately, my wardrobe mainly consists of garments in these neutrals. That's not to say I don't like splashes of colour, because I do, very much indeed! 

On the weekend I met up with my fellow blogger friend SheWoreItWell for brunch, and I met her new lil (absolutely gorgeous and serious attention grabbing) puppy, Monty. This lil fella is the cutest lil fluff-ball I've ever seen! If anything will change my single status, it has to be someone like Monty, because there was not one person who walked by that didn't stop to say 'hello' to Monty! Cute lil bugger! I'm getting myself 'a Monty', no joke. I'll post pictures in another post to follow, but for now I just wanted to show you my outfit...

Asos leopard print belt.

ForeverNew camel crepe wool coat.

Witchery bag. YSL lipstick & Lee jeggings.

Taaa daaa... ! :)


  1. You look so well put together!!!!

    Love the leopard and camel.

    When we are out with Mooky everyone stops, it's hilarious! But not good if you want to walk and get things done.

  2. that coat is gorgeous, great color!you should get your puppy, i cant describe you how much i love my curly, fluffy angels! :)

  3. Lovely coat!

    You should so get a puppy. I want one so so badly but I live in an apartment that won't allow :( So I just live vicariously through other pet owners!

  4. Thanks guys!! :))

    The coat is my favourite this season! So chic and so affordable; & very good quality too! Great find!

    Owww and now you're all making me want to get a pet real bad!! They just lift your mood don't they? :)



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