Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Kate Moss for TopShop piece!

Just bagged a piece from the latest slash very last collection by Kate Moss for TopShop.

Oh I so shouldn't be blogging away right now as I have an exam tomorrow and still an entire case to read and notes to print and read over. Woe is me! .. wish me luck, eh?!

So, a cream 100% silk boyfriend blazer; "Ultimate Silk Blazer", (the only good thing in the entire collection I think!). I've been trying to hunt one down for a while - saw one on asos but by the time I remembered to buy it, it had sold out! Joy. It probably would have cost me a lot less too!

Anyway... this wasn't too expensive 125GBP, which is doable - equals to about $220AUD with shipping costs.

Just in time for summer!! Woot!

P.S. This "Iconic Poppy Dress' ... I have an almost identical one which I purchased from Bardot here in Aus, back in 08'. Don't know if such a thing as plagiarism exists among designers (I assume it does), but.. honestly.. if anything is plagiarism in that sense, then this has to be it!

This is me wearing the dress by Bardot below:

What do you guys think?

Anyhow, head over to www.topshop.com if you're interested to see the entire collection.



  1. Very happy that you got the blazer!

    That Bardot dress looks hot on you, you little minx!

  2. Hey hey.. y zhaaankkk you! :))

    Yeah I'm hoping that the blazer is as good in real life as in the photos etc.!




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