Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TheOutNet Purchase gone wrong...

See by Chloe Faux-fur Cossack Hat £25
Mini for Many Almodo Jersey Tulip Skirt £30 
Both at 50% off!

So I finally stumble upon a white cossack hat at an awesome price and this cute summery mint green skirt (despite them having styled it for winter.. I think it looks shocking in the winter edition, personally!) and something goes wrong at check-out! By the time I popped in all of my purchaser details, apparently, the skirt had sold out and I was taken to an 'Oooops, something went wrong' page. I then went ahead to just purchase the hat and this transaction went through successfully. Checked my email, transaction numero uno actually went through! jhsifbb!! So I have been charged twice, of course. Ugh. Very annoying! Hopefully the first transaction was indeed successful and I get both items, and hopefully they'll refund/cancel (unnecessary) transaction two. Keep you posted!

I'm so excited having found this cute cossack hat, even though summer is fast approaching here - it'll come in handy next winter! Plus, I actually have a similar one which I purchased from Review, an Australian designer, and I loveee it - however, I used to keep it on top of this lamp I never used.. and one day when my brother's ex-fiance came around and was doing her make-up in my room, she used the lamp and forgot to turn it off. In turn, it burnt a hole through my favorite head piece! *sobs*


  1. This blue skirt is so nice. I like it!






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