Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Salsa fits my life TOO!

This post is about Jeans. But not just any jeans, no! ... Salsa Jeans. Read on... 

Okay so I pretty much call them miracle jeans! This Portuguese brand was launched in 1994 and for the remainder of the '90's expanded into the rest of Europe and Asia.  It expanded it's reach into the Middle East and has become a bestseller in countries like Kuwait, Quatar, UAE and Oman. This resulted in Salsa Jeans being proclaimed as Portugal's Product of the Year 2010. Very impressive. 

Unfortunately, (as always!).. This brand is not available in Australia, nor does their online store ship downunder. *sad face* But, being the 'googler' that I am, I have discovered an online shopping website which stocks Salsa Jeans, Now, I have not ordered from the website myself, so if you do.. let me know how you go! I believe that this is a UK based site, so when you do order, you may require a mail-forwarding service too. This is (probably) as good as it gets for those of us located downunder!

When I asked Salsa via Twitter when they'll be gettin' their bums to Australia (excuse the pun!)... This was their reply: 
 Salsa Jeans 

@ We don't know when we'll be opening stores in Australia, but we're gathering efforts to get there via online next year!

Hooraah! There's hope! :))

Price wise, very very affordable... between AUD$99-200 

Salsa styles are categorised by certain attributes; i.e. the butt lifting Push Up jeans, Unisex jeans, Reversible jeans and tummy-flattening Push In jeans. See below.

This is their new creation, the TWO IN ONE! Um, like..  totally wowza?!

I am a proud owner of three pairs of these babies! I got them from EU on my trip this year. My bestie actually brought them to my attention last year and the plan was to get on to them next time I travel. I seriously love them! They are the perfect jeans for those of us who have a bum and hips! God sent. 

Amen to Salsa Jeans.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


  2. it's a serious shame that they don't sell the men's jeans. I'm trying to figure out a way to get some to the US, but it seems to be rather difficult. Perhaps I can somehow hire someone in the UK to purchase a pair and ship them to me.... Just and idea.
    You're tip didn't help me, but I'm sure many women are glad you posted. Thanks.



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