Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shoes, GLORIOUS Shoes!

Lately I've become very minimalist and classic when it comes to shoes. I have about three or four pairs I keep switching between, they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. A pair of black and nude high gloss, 15cm peeptoes; black pumps and a tan summery pair which you can dress up or down. The rest of my heels (and I'd say there is about sixty of them) just sit there, aimlessly. The plan is to eBay a lot of them off! I realised I needed to become a little more practical with footwear since I did a fair bit of jet-setting - and I quite like the fact that I am no longer shoe obsessed! It's a very liberating feeling, actually. Having said all that, however, the shoes pictured below are STUNNING! It almost makes me want to become all complicated about shoes again! aaaaah! Most of the photos are from the Paris Fashion Week taxed from Soooo.. Feasttt your eyeess! :)


  1. Ohhh how amazing are these shoes. I get so upset looking at heels. Since my back went on me I havent been able to wear them :(
    But i loveeeeeee this post

    Sophia xx

  2. Oh Sophia.. I hope you recover soon and hop back into your fav heels!!.. So sad to hearr!

    TY btw! xo

  3. Totes love the YSL ponyhair heels, but I hear they're uncomfortable. Bummer!

  4. When has 'comfort', or lack thereof... ever stopped us before, hey?! ;)) hehe

    They're such standouts... love them!



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