Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fierce Pretty

I'm new at this. And, I'll stop being captain obvious right about now!

Writing has always been very fulfilling for me, however due to its revealing nature, and mine, which is enclosed - it has always been a challenge to reconcile the two. In addition to that, my pedantic and perfectionist tendencies have more often than not seen me frustrated with what I've written, and the way I've written it or expressed myself, which then resulted in, well, nothing much but a lot of unfinished train of thoughts.

So here, today, I wish to embark upon a journey.. one which shall hopefully see my train of thoughts, back on track.

"Fierce Pretty" I derived from a magazine article by Mimi Spencer (Harper's Bazaar, Mar 2010). Two words have never inspired me so much. I could relate them to almost every aspect of my life, or rather, the approach I wanted to take in dealing with life. Career, Love, Socialising... Fashion, it seems to be a good approach to take from any angle. It's almost an oxymoron, for how could 'pretty' be 'fierce'? Or 'fierce' be 'pretty'? Oh but it can! It takes the best of both worlds and moulds into one, 'fierce pretty'.

I suppose, to clarify further, 'fierce pretty' works as an analogy for me. Career-wise, it is vital to be fierce and confident in ones approach, to strive and ask for more but only in the most gracious of ways. To be brave, but not overbearing. Love, much the same. Striking a balance between giving and taking, chasing and being chased - maintaining dignity while not delving into the realms of egocentricity. And Fashion, my favourite... to quote Mimi Spencer, "...a clash of styles, the rock chick and the rosebud... giving safe old pretty something new to say. ...The very last thing you want to be is a wallflower or a shrinking violet. Fierce Pretty would eat you for breakfast."

So my dangerous darlings, expect nothing but anything and everything from the many realms of life, from this blog. I look forward to the thought sharing which is to come!



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