Thursday, May 13, 2010

Curse You ASOS Clearance!

I broke my fast. I know, I know!.. I shouldn't have. But! And isn't there always a 'but'? ... Well, has a clearance on!! So.. the way I see it is, I really got myself some bargains - and these are things that I've been meaning to get for ages now, everything has just been so expensive! And with winter here, I'm freezing my butt off at uni ... so I really do need these things!

Getting back to basics with a splash of colour! So here are the things I purchased:

1.Pretty Polly Absolute Legs Sexy Sheer and Opaque Tights, £2.5
2. ASOS ARIZONA Suede Leather Studded Lace-Up Ankle Boots, £20
3. ASOS 80 Denier Opaque Black Tights, £2
4. ASOS Sweetheart Neck Jersey Dress, £14
5. ASOS Long Funnel Neck Wool Jacket – Purple, £28
6. ASOS Basic Scoop Neck Lightweight Vest in the style of Kate Moss, x2  £6
7. ASOS Basic V-Neck Top in the style of Victoria Beckham, x2 £12
8. ASOS REVIVE Embellished Star Jumper Dress, £14

In total 10 items, plus 10.5 pound postage = £127 or about $215 AUD = Happy Customer! :)

I am particularly excited about those suede leather ankle boots!! They're so cute and perfect for winter.. & also the wool jacket! Oh how I look forward to being warm! Where else can you buy leather shoes and wool coats for such a low low price?? Got to love asos! And here's hoping the other items fit me well! Will keep you posted!

P.S. I'm yet to post all my unwanted items on eBay! eek! In fact I'll go do that now!


  1. I just went and put so many things in my basket, and then discovered I only have $38 in my bank account, so obviously thats a no go.
    You got so many great things!

  2. lol ..see, you are being smart about it!.. I paid with my credit card! eek! :( .. still can't wait to get my package! :D



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