Friday, May 7, 2010

Sparkling Feet

It's been just over 24 hours since I started my no-shopping fast. This is real tough! Nor does it help that I seem to be spending more and more time browsing through online stores. Why?? I think I'm just obsessed with looking at pretty things!

My gf and I culled half of my wardrobe tonight. Unbelievable! My soul feels lighter! She reckons I'm 'standing on a goldmine' and that I will get over a grand in sales on eBay! Let's hope she's right!!

In the meantime, these are on my wishlist *sigh*...

VIONNET - 557 pounds & GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI  - 365 

And so I dream on...


  1. wow the vionnet sandals are too good to be true. i want them on my wish list too.

  2. They are, aren't they!! ... Love them because although they are the current trend, they offer something a little different to the conventional!

    One fine day I may be able to afford these! hehe

    Thanks for your comment! :)


  3. These shoes are gorgeous! Bit out of my budget though :/ x

  4. hehe that makes two of us Moonbeam! :)) .. But I have purchased a pair along the same lines for about $150 AUD .. And they're amazing and so summery! So I'm sure there'll be alternatives out there!




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