Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good habits are also hard to break...

Motivation is not scarce but time always seems to be? No, I have decided (long ago now) not to let that apply to me. I simply make time - the way I see it is that we never "don't" have time to eat... we just do it. I am yet to hear of somebody who has starved themselves to death due to not having enough time to eat. Let me know if you hear of such a case. 

I want to feel good about my body all the time. They say habits are hard to break and rather than taking that notion to apply to only those negative habits, they also apply to positive ones. It has been almost a year now since I simply trained my mind to think like this. This is the one key trick to having a body you are happy with all the time - train your mind!! 

I have since managed to keep my body weight five kilos below what I usually weigh without exercise. I feel as though my body is more toned and has shape. My butt grew. Thank you lunges! I don't believe in stick thin, I want definition. Must keep on keeping on!

And now to training the mind to create the habit of saying NO to chocolate. This is proving a little more difficult!

Anyway, Jen is inspiring. You can tell she has worked for her body! She is real and unbelievably defined and fabulous!

Now how to get cellulite free butt and thighs?? Hmm.... 

Amazing. That is all.



  1. hello!
    i totally agree on the "no time" excuse!
    its such rubbish.
    everyone can find the time to do atleast 20 mins a day!
    your so right about training the mind is just as important.
    i think the one thing that defeats people if their own self doubt.

  2. Hey hey! :)) and hear hear to what you said! Power of the mind is where it's at!




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