Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer in July

As a student, I tend to live from pay to pay and usually with a bit of a credit card debt. Today, I am debt free... and it hasn't been like this for a while! I feel very liberated indeed!

So my dreaming about EU in July suddenly seems much more feasible! ... So my aim is not to spend a cent outside of what I absolutely have to from now until the time I plan to jet off!! I'm thinking June 20.

This is going to be so damn difficult as I am an impulse spender - and my recent online shopping addiction probably won't help this cause! But one may only try, right!? I've got nothing to lose anyhow, but only to gain!

Tomorrow night, my best friend is coming over and we are going through my entire wardrobe and listing everything I don't want on eBay. Not only will my clothes finally be able to breathe and perhaps even gently swing on their hangers from time to time, but all the money I do get from it will go toward my holiday!

Wish me luck!


P.S. This is what springs to mind holiday-wise, on an hourly basis I'd say...

There are some of my snaps from the Montenegrin coast when I went in 08' ...Good times :)


  1. Can't wait to go to Montenegro!

    My fiance is montenegrin :)

  2. Oh is he? Fantastic! You will LOVE it there! Such a gorgeousss country! Do you know where you'll be heading to exactly? ... I recommend Budva (for a bit of a party up!) ... and Kotor for some relaxation and getting in touch with nature :))

    P.S. Love your blog! xx

  3. You're sitting on a Zara gold mine my friend :)) Happy eBaying.

  4. Yes.. quite a few Zara items there! :)) hehe Thank youuuuuu

  5. Hmmm not sure yet! Wherever the monestry in the wall is, I know we are definately going there.

    Hopefully this is next year sometime, I can't wait to go to Europe!

  6. Yep.. I've been to that monastery three times now .. it's soo amazing! :)
    And yeah that's probably closest to Budva .. because you have to take a 2-3 hour drive there, through the mountains and cliffs.. that's an experience in itself!

    Hope your EU holiday goes according to plan! Look forward to seeing some pretty snaps!



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