Saturday, April 9, 2011

Style advisors at your beck n' call...

The other day, I found myself playing relay with my bathroom mirror and bedroom mirror in a frantic attempt to get ready, on time! The outfit issue for the night was choosing which belt to wear, we've all had these at some point, or a lot of points, no? 

Being home alone did not help my cause either - as I didn't have brother's trusty opinion to go by (...would have been something along the lines of, 'Show me the first one. Now show me the second one. First one again. Hmm. I'm not sure, I like both,' see, here's a man well trained in answering women's outfit cries! Haa!) My mum, the most critical style-advisor I know, was also absent! Now, this is where I just thought, 'Oh-em-Gee! Twitter!'. Clearly, the many bloggers I follow on twitter could help a sister out!?' And true it turned out! 

I posted two photos and was advised accordingly (I'll take this opportunity to say thank you to those ladies!)... the option I went with was picture 3.

Wittner faux-fur vest 
Paradise(I think?) camel, embelished sleeve mini-dress
Gold belt(MissShop I think)
Green thick belt is from a Maticevski dress
PeepToe mushroom MissEifelTower

(Excuse the poor quality snaps. I do intend on trying to use my digicam more.)

I thought this was a lil too Euro(trash?) ? Hmm... 

This was nicer, edgier?

Finished product!


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  3. The vests at Wittner were NOT fake fur. In fact tests have been done to prove that contrary to the tag stating they were raccoon and rabbit, they were in fact DOG. Animals are put through unspeakable agony for the fur trade. Perhaps you'll think twice before wearing your vest again.....

  4. Can you tell me how many pairs of leather shoes you own? .. Can you tell me, if you're a vegan? .. Can you tell me if you've ever eaten jelly?

  5. Animals are skinned alive for their fur and so suffer unspeakable agony. Leather is a by-product and the cows are certainly not skinned alive! There are no regulatory bodies in China and they are under no obligation to advise customers what the fur actually is. And of course we all know about China's reputation on how they treat their animals. If you'd like to get educated it's not that hard to do so.

  6. Oh. So I suppose it is okay if they're just killed a different way. But it doesn't change the fact that THEY'RE STILL KILLED, for the same purposes!!

    When you become a vegan.
    When you start wearing NO leather.
    When you realise that something animal-related can be found in so many things, and as such you stop consuming such products. Then you may even have a point with what you're saying.

    Bet you didn't know that even jelly, from gelatine, is made from collagen in cow or pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues.

    Perhaps you should go and stop those who are slaughtering these animals, instead of being an internet warrior.

  7. Well, I guess all I can say is if I had a choice about the way I was being killed I would be begging you to do it humanely and not putting me through torture. Obviously the difference doesn't matter to you-but thankfully there are people out there who give a voice to innocent creatures who should be treated with respect and care.

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