Saturday, April 9, 2011

Floral print shoes

I impulse-bought a pair of floral-print platform shoes from a small shop on Sydney's Oxford St last December. Now, I'm a block-colours and neutrals type of girl, so this was very much indeed an impulse buy. I loved how alternative they looked on my foot in the store (see last picture below), but ever since, for the life of me I have not been able to figure out a way to wear them -insert sad face-. 

I know that winter is upon us here in Melbourne-Aus, but for me it is very much spring as I intend on jetting off into the European summer come June! Yay! So, the fact that these shoes are rather spring-y, doesn't at all bother me!

I will be posting quite a few items on eBay soon, and these shoes may very well be 'given the boot', but if you guys can give me some suggestions as to how to wear them, I may give them a go before I sell them off! 
Shoes alike.
I particularly like the ones above, and hey there's an idea! Cigarette pants? hmm...

This is my pair above in the white floral.
Whattayaz think? :)


  1. I love floral shoes!!!

    Have you seen the Jeffrey Campbell ones? They are a liberty print and although I don't really love JC shoes I like these ones because they are so pretty.

    I got the jacket from the Saba website - it was 20% off on there too :) :) :)

  2. Ahh yes Jeffrey Campbell started it all eh?! :))

    Gooo the 20% off!! .. Awesome! Must tweetpic the jacket when you've got it on!! :D

  3. what brand are the white floral print shoes that you bought? i love them! =]

  4. omg, where are the white shoes from? they are amazing!!!



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