Sunday, November 6, 2011

Italy: Rome, Florence & Venice 2011

I wanted to share with you some moments from my visit to Italy this year. It was my first time and let me tell you, I threw A LOT of euro coins over my shoulder at the Trevi Fountain (see below), in the desperate hope that I would soon return there! 

Rome is very charismatic - while it is so so busy, it also has quite a lot of soul and positive vibe. The entire city is one big museum!! There is something to see wherever you go - its history is embedded in its walls, buildings and streets. And how about the shopping?! Glad you asked. Well, let's just say I dedicated two whole days to THAT cause - safe to say I almost went over my total budgeted allowance for europe-shopping! Well it is one of the fashion-capitals of the world, is it not? =) Check it out... 

Oh and P.S. Of course it is exam time and here I am, blogging! Please pray with me that I pass all my exams! Ta! 

Me & Fontana Di Trevi - possibly the most beautiful thing to see in Rome. I loved it so much that I went back to see it on five occasions! 
Wearing: 'Stefanel' white shorts (This shop/brand is exclusive to Italy I believe and it reminds of Witchery/CountryRoad, except it's about ten times better!), Asos flower-print off the shoulder blouse, Oxford tan wedges. 
This, I snapped by accident whilst sitting there watching the water-fall. Maybe HE was my Romeo?? Sure was adequately dressed! :))

Italian food. Any further comments would probably be unnecessary?! 

The Colloseum: is GRAND!

My two girlfriends walking infront of The Pantheon, by night.

Me & The Pantheon by night. I loved this place! My second fav after the Trevi fountain. It is so amazingly big that you just struggle to comprehend how they managed to build it like that back in the day!? It's also a beautiful place to have dinner as there are gorgeous restaurants surrounding it.
You know it.
Ahead is the Vatican & The Vatican Museum. Just breathtaking art.


Me & The Duomo. Another grandddd building.

Sunset in Firenzeeeee

How amazing are our tans? Ahh that Euro sun! ps. My sandals (on the left) were purchased in Rome. 'Baldinini' was the brand if I remember correctly.

The Duomo is bloody massive!

Best pizza I have ever devoured. Chorizo sausage, Potato & Tomato. 

Best pasta. Ever!

SHOPPING? Did someone say, shopping??

This, lades (& gents?), is a real emerald & diamond ring. Costs thousands of euros. Clearly I had no hope in owning it, but thought I'd try it on anyway. The funny thing is, that no matter how hard I tried to capture the GREEN colour of the stone, it just came out blue each time! Frustrating.

This is THE designer outlet which is half hour outside of Florence. TBH, it was disappointing because the pricing wasn't THAT low, and the stuff was mainly crap. I'd rather put in 2-3 hundred dollars more and just buy something I absolutely love.  

Although these YSL shoes were pretty amazing!!


Gondola ridin'!


Only did a day-trip to Venice, but it was enough I thought. It is a stunning tourist lil city and def. worth the visit. 

So that was a little look into my Italian adventures. I definitely can't wait to go back and perhaps visit more of the south of Italy!

In my next blog-post, I'll share some of my snaps from my visit to the Greek Island of Mykonos!

FP xx


  1. I love this post, thanks for inspiring me to want to travel(even more) . All your pictures are beautiful



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