Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have come again to confess my sins. Or sins to come. They haven't yet been committed, but I feel even the mere thought of what I was thinking to do is a sin. Furthermore, I'm thinking that if I confess, half will be forgiven & even better... after venting, perhaps I won't feel the need to committ them at all? Or here's hoping. Hah!

Honestly, Witchery do not ever help my cause, the cause of 'saving my pennies'. I just can't help myself when I see beautiful, quality, amazingly textured pieces of clothing ...

like this:

or like this...

even this...

And these...

You tell me, how does one resist? Am I crazy? I think I have way too much love to give to clothes.. perhaps this is also why I have barely any love to give to men.. men just tend to do my head it! Clothes, clothes .. they never make me roll my eyes at them, or make me want to introduce my palm to their cheek at a very fast speed!

So, leather leggings, sequined viscose long-sleeve top, leopard print viscose drape-dress & another lovely sequined blouse.. Santa? Easter Bunny? Anyone at all... ? Feel free... :))


  1. I LOVE the long sleeve sequin top, and the gilet... gah... Witchery takes all my mo-n-ay. I usually walk out of the house in head to toe Witchery. Sad but true :( :( :(

  2. lol... It sounds very familiar! I do the same... but what do you do when their clothes seriously rock, are comfortable and affordable??

    Yeah I don't think I can sleep properly until I own the sequined long-sleeve top! Woe is me. lol



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